Garden Route Yoga Festival Wilderness

Garden Route Yoga Festival

Join us at the first Garden Route Yoga Festival in Wilderness from the 7 to 9 of October! Firstly we would like to invite all from the Garden Route, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth! It’s the rebrand of the Wildfarm wellness weekend! Therefore if you did go to one of those events you will know! This will be an annual festival just like the wellness weekend was! We had great times in the past and aim to make it as enjoyable as the previous events!!!


Garden Route Yoga Festival
Garden Route Yoga Festival 7-9 October


The Garden Route Yoga Festival will be a spring Full Moon event!

So yes the moon will be full on a Sunday and this event is a perfect getaway to celebrate the full moon!!! Secondly, for those of you that don’t know Wildfarm, it’s a great venue in Wilderness Heights with lots of nature and sea views all around!!! There are many types of private rooms available to book! Otherwise, the event will include your camping and food for the weekend! Hence we have breakfast, lunch and dinner together and activities in between and after!


Garden Route Yoga Festival
Yoga In Wilderness


Expect meditation, yoga, music and dance all weekend long!!!

Obviously, the weekend will be packed with fun activities like meditation and workshops! Health is wealth and that is what we are going for! Soulful interactions and learning about new things and conscious experiences!!! Daily and evening Meditation, yoga daily and live music drumming! In addition, we will take nature walks on the farm and sit and be quiet in nature!!! We will have different yoga sessions and facilitators!!!


Garden Route Yoga Festival
Yoga in Africa!


This Yoga Festival is all about spring and nature as well!

We will be on the beautiful Wildfarm Backpackers check it out if you haven’t before! Lastly, we will also be planting some trees in the reforesting areas of the Wildfarm! Holes will be made for the yellowwood trees we grow on the farm as well! The human must learn that he is not apart from nature but part of nature!!! Subsequently, we also dig in the permaculture garden to harvest some veggies, etc!


Garden Route Yoga Festival
Dancing in the evening and fire!


Camping is included with all activities and food at Garden Route Yoga Festival!

We believe in making the experience affordable so that everyone can join who needs relaxation or soulful restoration! So all the food from when you arrive is included too with lunch and dinner!!! Most of the veggies and salads come out of our permaculture garden on the farm! So yes camping is included! You can upgrade to private rooms at your own cost! These rooms will be at a discount for the festival!


Wildfarm Backpackers


Garden Route Yoga Festival
Wildfarm Wellness Weekend Rebranded as the Garden Route Yoga Festival!






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